Without Delay

Gort set to work without delay preparing for the attack on the Imperial shipyard. Mayln had assured him the heist would proceed without a hitch, so Gort’s expertise would only be required on-site.

Under his fiery gaze the technicians set about patching the Hand with fresh durasteel plate. He ordered them about loudly, sending them hither and thither to ensure the ship would arrive in the best possible condition for the showdown at Damothar and the subsequent assault on Shipyard T975.

Gort dispatched a request to the Astartes corportation requesting the materials and crew necessary to refit the Hand with concussion missile tubes to replace select light laser turrets with more appropriate armaments. The Rebel forces – he could not bring himself to call their two corvettes and fighters a “fleet” – were well equipped to handle small craft. The shipyard would be heavily defended target and turbolasers alone would not get the job done; Without improving the anti-structural strength of the Hand the mission would not, could not, be successful.

He trusted Mayln or Javrice would sort out the details with Astartes. Gort didn’t have time for such trivialities right now.

Between long shifts overseeing the repairs, Gort sat alone in the dark of his quarters, devising plan after plan. Not for the attack on the shipyard, for that plan had already been put into motion.

No. The encounter with the inquisitor vexed him. Jibacca, Bek, and Javrice were needed in the orbital ambush. It could only be Mayln and Gort at the rendezvous the inquisitor on the surface below, but even then Mayln’s absence could upset their chance at victory in the sky.

Defeating the inquisitor seemed like a long shot, but he had an idea. He could only trust that this plan – as far fetched as it was – would bring them closer to the rebirth of the Jedi Order.

Gort set to work without delay.



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