4, 4?!! @#$%!!!!
a 4th complication is understated

Sqaured off and unsettled!

Amid all other listed items, and yet, as almost a taunting of fate itself, an unwelcome surprise has begun to un-hinge my nerves beyond repair. I must make a choice, and it must be soon.

I will pursue all avenues, and act with all fortitude and wisdom. Who can be trusted!?

Complication 3
Yet more

When will this nightmare end, for it is no dream, and no mere circumstance or chance:

I felt him, his pain, his bitter end, the final piercings that set loose the last of hampered gasps, and yet through a veil of mist, light and calm, blue as the haze resting atop the mountains before dawns first break, his voice emanating in my person, speaking what I sensed in all complete fullness of a true unfolding near future. My fate is tied to this crew. It will be to my ultimate good to remain with them. And, to my one true foe also.

Cold, shattering vengeance, cold, destructive angry rage, garments choked out my life yet remained, but yet too I remained. Off, instinctively, crack! as a bantha electrowhip snaps, I writhed and wrenched the black cloak from me only to reveal as it faded… in the drowning silence, it had become me…Awake!!!!!!!! I sweat and feel ill.

I must see Gort, this is beyond my capacity to evade, this vision is as those of Old I have heard whispers of, and read only small hidden scribbles of across collector archives in my limited travels among mother’s compatriots. I have not sought this, but it has certainly sought and found me. I Have learned he is a historian, and may know the direction I must take to be at ease with my sorrow and rage, yet still I cannot escape a lingering peace…most unclear…unclear in deed.

Expletives # 2
Complicated Complication # 2

Why is the Wookie whirling crates? Enough Said. The list grows.

More attention, more folly, more imminent danger! I can almost sense its movement toward us. Dark and danger thick. Things will soon spiral. I must be prepared. Perhaps my contacts will help mitigate my fears and these w reckless risk gardens ripe with…someone is listening…

end personal log – 9916

complicated complication #1

Complicated Complication # 1

Is it enough that I am at the edge of the galaxy with a band of amenable “shipping consultants” finally outside the realm of the black slithering tentacle grip of the transit witch Reyna Raxus Rilson?!!! Her fake family, her self fattening, transit slum empire of Teyr, aspring, whoring after all control in that sector has been enough to place me at not one edge, but two, taking every necessary precaution against the truth of my whereabouts, let alone my endeavors. Finally we reach a rest after the previous skirmish left many of the group wounded. However it was, this communications expert- “child!!!”- “Maylin” (aggravated emphasis) announced our retrieval of the pirate vessel for no more than a short comforted ride primed as celebrity bate for imminent imperial slaughter, almost to secure such a fate as if planned! What more, a tea party to barter trust for the crew, this one must be watched with all fervor!!! This could prove either severely advantageous, or, as my soul whose faithful gut wrenching resonance with the whole set of affairs is alarming me, will bring the heaviest of dire futures. I will we vigilant and watchful, and none will receive from me a flicker of intel without fire that will be the purchase fee. Only one of true heart, seeking wisdom and clear loyalty will find a friend whose foes will fail to thwart, the Force willing.

Weighed Down

Gort slid the chrome casing, still warm from machining, into place with a satisfying whisper of high precision metal on metal. The body of the saber was complete. A masterwork homage to the memory of a bygone era cast in stainless silver and gold weighing heavy in his hands. For all Gort’s care and attention, however, the saber lacked the essential soul that would bring it to vibrant life.

Gort could see the concern etched into his features in the bright reflection of durasteel. Could this all be a test set forth by the unknowable Force? Not one, but two, force sensitive individuals in his own crew! Jibacca’s raw talent surged noticeably of late as he practiced throwing containers across the hold, but Javrice’s instinctual subtlety evidenced a nuanced relationship with his powers.

This could be no coincidence, to be sure, but what now? Where did Gort fit into this grand drama?

Well, in a fit of recklessness he had he had already taken steps to move the play forward. ( Was that trust in the Force or mere impatience?) His duty now is to the weapon of legacy in his hands and his friends at his side.

They all had targets emblazoned across their backs and the hull of their infamous battleship. It was only a matter of time before trouble in the form of bounty hunters, pirates, and inquisitors swept down upon them. They must act quickly, so Mayln must develop a plan immediately for Bek’s approval and the pursuit of the components.

Bek's Journal

So. I’m the captain of this huge ship, who would of thought, and the Empire is after me. My guess is they’ve been after me for a while now but now my name is out there. My cover name. What was I thinking agreeing to this hunt for a pirate ship being broadcasted a cross the galaxy? And there is a gungan aboard our ship now. Does he know me? Does he know my family? I know after the block-aid and Queen Amidala brought peace to our people and the gungans, the nobles lives were not as private to the gungans as they once were. Who is he? Maybe he’s young and will have no clue. Ahh!!!!

Note to self: Don’t wear your feelings on your sleeve. It’s a weakness. Stop it.

I’ve spent my whole life hiding and have done a great job at it. I’m not sure if I can trust the group of guys I’m with now. They started fishing for information about my past. There are only two people in this galaxy right now that know who Bek truly is. I’d like to keep it that way.

Imp gimp

I almost vow to gimp an Imp who by my honor will remember her mistakes if she crosses us. There is no telling what her affinity for allegiance is or if she simply is a fool hearty reporter. Something smells awry and i will clean it out! Beck and I must devise a plan to make it saber clear no ill play will come to any imperial gain, but devastating loss and personal misfiguration known quite well by many in these parts. Maybe you can piece it together.

Though she seems full of innocent intrigue, the hand that pulls her strings must be strong to land in this dark hole of space. I feel the pressurized containment aboard will be for some, unbearable. There is a trying time ahead. We must all pull together as a team. This very much could not lead where we think in the end.


Gort sat in the quiet and the dark on Valaar V. On the table in front of him, a ghostly figured gave lessons on the nature of the Force, the philosophy of the Jedi order, and basic tenants of meditation. Gort wasn’t really listening – he could recite the entire holocron word for word – but the quiet peace of the speaker instilled in him a sense of serenity and sadness for the days past.

In his younger days, flying the lanes in freighters, he had envied the glory and power of the Jedi and yearned to join their ranks in protecting the galaxy. But, day after day went by, riding the same outer rim spaceways, growing older, traveling with other people’s goods to make a living. Then the entire galaxy changed.

The Republic collapsed and the Outer Rim, already mostly ungoverned, became the haven for those seeking respite from the tyranny of the Empire. The difficulties the dispersed, unaffiliated worlds presented turned into an unexpected blessing.

Still, the reach of the Empire was long and it didn’t take long for the legal jobs to dry up. Smuggling was the only option and, by chance, Gort found the right man to follow.

Then, out of nowhere, in a seedy pub, on a far out colony, he found the Holocron. He had heard tales and could barely contain his excitement as the backwater locals puzzled over the overly generous bargain he made in exchange for the parts he needed and the curious cube.

It had been painful to see it back then. The slaughter of the Jedi had passed some years ago and a grave despair had settled in across the galaxy. The dreams of his youth, lost in the daily grind of work and survival, coupled with that gnawing hopelessness had driven him to tears.

Still, so many years later, he carried the cube everywhere. He couldn’t admit that he hoped it might be of use, that it might be a part of something bigger. The holocron: a dream made solid.

Force Sensitive Panthers
Bek's Journal

So, I’ve know about the force a while. A lot from the past and many stories from people I’ve come across my adventures who are older than I. I know that the force is a thing with many different intelligent species through out the universe. However, I have never heard a single story of FORCE SENSITIVE PANTHERS!! Yes, believe it or not, they are a thing.

Fighting them was no small matter, though it was like fighting other large animals in the past. They have the same pack in sights that normal cat like and dog like animals have. I’m not sure how the force works with them. Or how they use it.

Anyways, our job is to get one… one that isn’t fixed. I’m hoping it doesn’t need to be alive. I don’t want it waking up and killing our team.

Speaking of which, I’m liking our group. And I don’t like a lot of or trust people so… I guess thats a good thing. My mentor would be proud. There are too many shifty people out there.

Time to rest. If I’m punching the air in my sleep, wake me up. I don’t want to fight these force sensitive panthers again.

A strange Dream

Ever since meeting Javreece the other day I have been feeling a bit under the weather. At first, I thought it was something I ate, but now I’m sure it’s more than that. Last night, I had a strange dream that affected me greatly. I dreamt that I was just sitting in a chair in a cantina and all of the sudden everything in the room started floating. As I arose from my chair to go get a drink everything started to move. I went over to the bar tender to have him pour me a drink and I sucked that drink down like none other. I slammed the glass down on the bar and as I did so everything that was floating immediately fell to the ground and I was jolted awake. I am confused as to what is going on in my body. Could I be feeling the pain of my father’s sickness? Or is there something more to this?


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