Those were not the droids we were looking for...
Bek's Journal

Talk about a surprise. Here I thought we were going to check a mine and collect some cash for one of the Huts. We get there, it’s just about deserted except for some droids. It smells of sweat and dead bodies. I’m thinking there were space pirates who raided the place, which were going to pop out at any second. Every time we opened a door I was expecting someone or something to attack. Thankfully, there was a protocol droid who helped us out a bit.

By the time we got to the room where the entrance of the mine was, my guard was down because it seemed whoever had raided the place was gone, or so I thought. We got to the room and there were battle droids, unarmed, carrying boxes. The rest of the team went into the mine. I hung back, just in case. I had this uneasy feeling after they entered the mine. The droids were staring at me or watching me as it were. My guard went back up and I waited. Something wasn’t right.


I heard shots fired and soon over our com-links I learned Grot was shot. I ran into the mine entrance and got into one of the carts. I met up with the team. It was the miners!! They were protecting themselves from the droids. The droids went rogue! Before we knew it, we were fighting those droids who we thought didn’t have weapons. I hate liars like that.

To make matters worse, they about killed all of us. The minors sprang into action at the perfect time before we all were done.

The minors brought us back to health and explained to us what happened. We got half the money and took it back to the Hut. We explained everything to him and he understood, thankfully. I didn’t want to deal with him after that.Lizbeth Morton/Bek

Dral Verda!

I say Dral Verda. It’s what describes us wookiees best.


Good afternoon fellow adventurers! I am excited to begin traveling across the galaxy with you all. I am sure that we will make names for ourselves and build a reputation that precedes us where ever we may go. As we move forward, I suggest that we put forth a vote on a name to call ourselves and those that come to our cause. I humbly put forth a few options for you all to consider. Keep in mind that these are in my native tongue of Mando’a.

1. Aliit Be Verda
- This means Clan of Warriors.
2. Tsad Be Vu’traat
- This means Group of Special Forces
3. Evaar’la Vu’traat
- This means Young/New Special Forces.
4. Dral Verda
- This means Strong Warriors.

My personal favorite would be the fourth, for we are all warriors at heart, though our methods of approach and appearances may be different. I also feel that we are not close enough to call ourselves a Clan at this point. Maybe i the future we can contemplate a name change. Please reflect upon these options and respond with your votes, or any other suggestions you may have. Also, any combination or variation on these can be suggested as well! Thank you, vod! (brother, sister, comrade)

-Dra’lor Skirata
“Aliit ori’shya tal’din”
“Family is more than bloodline.”

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