Much to Think About

Gort completed the final weld on the hull plating of the Mousetrap. More sparks could be seen through the cockpit window where Artus finished replacing the decrepit control panels. With but a thought he probed the vessel’s system to ensure the integrity diagnostic circuitry behind the armor functioned properly.

The small vessel had come a long way in a few short weeks with a squad of maintenance droids, Artus, and Gort’s new cerebral enhancer. What had once been a pile of space junk was now a sturdy boarding craft composed of slightly less space junk. It would be ready for their next mission, Gort was sure, although he didn’t relish the idea of needing it on what amounted to a courier mission.

The encounter with the Imperial raider had been an unpleasant shock, but with the initiative the Hand had come out without so much as a scrape. If only they could always be so lucky.

In the absence of luck, however, they needed to be prepared.

Nebulous forces seemed to be at play – Mayln’s shadowy employer, Quay’s simultaneous death and reassignment, the kidnapping attempt, and more besides. It had to mean something, didn’t it? He couldn’t puzzle it out, however, and he pushed the thought aside into a special storage unit which would jog his memory when he had the spare time to think about it.

A reminder gently popped into his consciousness – time to train with Javrice and Jibacca. He gave a wave to Artus before departing.



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