Lizbeth Morton/Bek

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Lizbeth is the daughter of Sabe’ and Brend Morton, handmaidain and noble of Padme’ Amidala. When the Empire took over Naboo her family tried to rebel and fight back. They believed in democracy and fought to keep Naboo but Empire Palpatine her family executed. He kept Lizbeth alive and she was brought up by Nubian nobles who, he thought, could brain wash her into working for the Empire. She quickly figured out what they were doing and made it seem it was working. When she was about 17 years old, she figured out a way off Naboo. Lizbeth posed as a refugee and when to the planet of Tatooine.

Once on Tatooine, Lizbeth had a hard time at first. She had never been to a planet like this, but as fate would have it, she met a master scout named Donmarl Judgrea. He took pity on her and brought her in. She reminded him of his only daughter who died with his wife in tragic spaceship crash. He became Lizbeth’s mentor and taught her everything he knew about scouting.

When she was under enough to take care of herself, she started freelancing her scouting skills.

Lizbeth or Bek, her name she lives under, is very smart and has a quick wit. She doesn’t trust people easily because of her past. She is kind and compassionate but has a strong sense of Justice.

Lizbeth Morton/Bek

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