It Turns on This

Gort closed the lightsaber casing with a gentle click before standing and stretching for the first time in… many hours. The heist had gone well and Mayln had returned – although the human was still reticent with details about his exploits – and the date for the assault on the shipyard and the meeting with the inquisitor grew ever closer.

Mayln played his cards close to the chest. His eyes betrayed the presence of a plan, but any talk of what that plan may entail remained carefully guarded. While Mayln had done well by them in the past, Gort grew increasingly frustrated with his silence. Weren’t they a team? Hadn’t they fought and schemed side-by-side?

If he could not know the plan, he would have his own. And so Gort worked. Designing, building, improving. Testing his new inventions again and again and again. They could not fail, not at this crucial juncture.



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