Nothing safer

Nothing is safer it seems than being under fire. At least, the future ahead will prove which direction is safest by direct meetings, Rebel hunting, or Imperial hunting. Did I leave out the other lurking unanswered questions? This new understanding first hand of the force seems peaceful amid the chaos. My dream resonates more as time moves forward. Still, my reservations are founded, and my steps must be fully metered. First we must assist Beck. The direction that this has suddenly launched toward shows promise for future allies to strengthen our group, all while growing our risk. It is good we sought the Iridium with the council and Mailin’s contact. This will prove most advantageous. Can’t wait to see the phantom in action first hand when cloaked and armed. Merique will be all but met alone. I cannot shake that even he is a pawn posing a greater threat than he is. Too forward in attempts for contact. Another must be moving his hand. Further still, I feel as though i am being watched on a plane more clear now than before, but more subtle than it would like to be known. It’s almost as though, she, was watching…

Other notes:
Interesting as well that Jibacca should also exhibit force inclinations. These things cannot be coincidence, my understanding is that they never are. Perhaps more time should be invested there. Well, off to rigorous training with sword and soul.



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