Red Hot

Gort barked orders at the maintenance droids, sending them this way and that with replacement panels, fried circuits, crushed cargo, and more besides. The Hand was in poor shape after her narrow victory over the two Imperial Raiders and, despite the presence of a so-called chief engineer, Gort felt it his responsibility to manage the repair effort wherever possible.

They had only a few short days to work shifts around the clock to bring her back from the brink enough to fly a rebel to a secret meeting at Bek’s request.

A rebel!

Now, he couldn’t be sure about these rebels – from what he had heard they were disorganized freedom fighters with more passion than brains – but some part of his spirit leapt at the thought of turning his whole self into the effort of bringing down the Empire and restoring peace to the galaxy like the Jedi Knights of old.

He couldn’t go gallivanting off to fight the Empire when the solemn duty of training a new generation of Jedi demanded his utmost attention, however, and such pursuits would have to wait until Jibacca and Javrice were ready. He had to resist the call to arms, in spite of every protest from the ghost of his younger self, if just until -

“Where do you think you’re going with those power couplings? Take them to the forward power relay and install them! Take HZZ-8 with you, and be sure to label them properly…”



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